Blessing & Ngozi from Nigeria about their personal dismay

7. What are you worried about?

Blessing remains committed. Together with Ngozi, she explains to us how the pandemic has worsened the already precarious situation for educational institutions in Nigeria.  

Unfortunately, the sound in this video is not the best and we apologise that some sentences are difficult to understand. Nevertheless, we wanted to give this important short interview and the very important topic the space it deserves. Thanks to Blessing, Ngozi, Peter & People’s College Nigeria :) 


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Comment by Blessing ogeriya |

Ngozi the founder of Facado orphanage explains how COVID have affected the children’s education and it’s difficult to fund their education and difficult to take care of the children properly.

Reply by Franziska Weiland

Dear Blessing, thanks so much for the hint! We will post your video again on our social media channels in the coming week to highlight your important concern. Please send Ngozi my dearest regards. Hope to stay in touch, all the best, Franziska

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