Charles about everyday life in Benin

3. How does the corona crisis affect the everyday life of people in your country?

COVID-19 has such a negative influence on the daily life of the inhabitants. There is a negative impact on the food eaten, the well-being.... and many other things.

Family life is difficult to cope with. Many of the churches are closed, but some are reopened after the lockdown had been lifted, followed by strict distancing rules. The atmosphere among the population is calm, everyone is suspicious. Some people forget the precautions and they are called to order.

The public discourse as well as on social networks is to protect oneself against the virus by regularly washing their hands, not to put their hands in their face, to pass the hydroalcoholic gels, to cough into the crook of the arm, to wear their mask, to not greet people with shaking their hand but with their respect the distance rules...

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