Interview with Omolara Gray Adebayo from Nigeria

Is the pandemic over?

In many countries it is not, many people are still struggling with infections and the socio-political consequences of the corona crisis. In this in-depth interview, journalist Adebayo, Omolara Gray describes the current situation in Nigeria and talks about the things people are struggling with in their daily lives.

We would like to warmly thank Ilebani, Titilayo Olamide from Youth Matter International who conducted the interview.

Youth Matter International is non-governmental organization building safety, foster support to youth in making a difference in their community. The organization also facilitates the SDGs in schools across Nigeria. Youth Matter International has been working hard to make sure that we have a globalize sustainable environment for all.

00:07 Introduction
01:06 Learning from the pandemic
02:01 Everyday life in Nigeria
02:59 Socio-political impact of the Corona crisis
05:09 Food prices during the pandemic
06:26 The situation of refugees in Nigeria
08:15 Ways out of the crisis
09:57 Personal situation and appeals
11:48 Opportunities for global sustainable development

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