Richard about everyday life in England

4. How has people’s everyday life changed due to the crisis?

Listening to various members call in on BBC London Radio is very interesting. There are a lot of people making an effort with little ways to give to charity. A friend of mine designed some T-Shirts, set up a Facebook page to sell them and made £1000 of profit to give to a Care Worker charity. There are lots of new little stories like this every day. It has effected people’s way of looking forward to future events and the positivity that goes with that - it’s unprecedented - there is uncertainty as to how long it will last. So many small businesses survive from month-to-month with not much of a safety net - a lot are collapsing. When I walk down my local high street, most shops are closed. A lot of them are independent and will probably stay closed. There is one guy that has an Indian takeaway cafe. He has started selling house plants. He seems to be the busiest guy on the street.


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