Abishag about everyday life in Germany

4. How has people’s everyday life changed with / due to the crisis?

Corona keeps changing people’s everyday life. For some weeks now social distancing, wearing masks, confinements or even curfews have become a neccessity in many parts of the world. Closing stores and restaurants, bars and cafés or the standstill of factories have an impact on people’s lives. Our partners talk about the changes in their countries.

Here in Langen, life has not been the same. There are seemingly empty streets, and schools remain closed. Playgrounds and recreation facilities are also closed. Parents have to look for alternative means to keep kids active in addition to homeschooling. Jogging and Bicycle tours are the most popular activities. As a family, we have resolved to work on a children's book. We are brainstorming, exchanging ideas, and the children are helping us illustrate the text. We hope to sooner or later publish it.

We use YouTube as a video platform, because YouTube offers subtitles easily. These subtitles are also available in German, English, French and Spanish. Simply click on the subtitles button or press the c key. Clicking on settings, other languages can be selected.
We want to make the videos usable for as many people as possible - even though we are aware that the translation is not always perfect.

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