Aliou from Senegal introduces himself

1. Introduction

My name is Aliou, I live in Saint-Louis, a town in Senegal. I am a German teacher, married. Today (3rd November 2020) I feel very well.
As in all countries, the Covid 19 pandemic has caused great anxiety in Senegal. Experts and government officials have participated in many broadcasts to explain more about the pandemic and the security measures.
Many measures had been taken by the government. Media has played an important role with many broadcasts about the pandemic. In the cities, in the countryside, in the neighbourhoods, young people have conducted awareness campaigns.
Unfortunately, there was an unfair stigmatisation towards those infected with Covid (even if they are healthy again and at home) and their family members and neighbours too. Fortunately, the religious leaders have played a crucial role in the cooperation with the experts.

The police and health care workers have pointed out that in the public, the obligation to wear masks is strictly respected and a toll-free telephone number has been made available to report suspected cases anywhere.

All in all, the measures taken have undoubtedly played a major role in preventing the spread of the pandemic in Senegal and have also contributed to positive behavioural changes among the people.

Translated from German.

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