Asmandar about the situation in Syria

3. How are you currently perceiving the situation in your country?

Fortunately, the situation in Syria is under control as we only have 144 cases in total so far. Six of them died and 62 are healthy again. The very early and serious measures that the government took worked really well. Although I had doubts about these numbers at the beginning! I asked my family and friends about it, but they all confirmed the numbers. What has helped us are the sanctions enforced by America and its European supporters (e.g. travel ban). So luck in bad luck (thank you Europe)!

As everyone knows, we have had a war in Syria for nine years that has destroyed our economy. The people hardly have any food. The lockdown measures were helpful, but they made the people even poorer. The average salary in Syria is around € 50- € 70 (!!!) per month. You can imagine the situation. Because of this, many people could not close their stores and follow the Corona guidelines.

I follow the news every day, both official and those posted by people on Facebook. Most of the Corona cases came from abroad.

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