Charles from Benin introduces himself

1. Introduction

My name is Charles, I am 27 years old and I live alone in Abomey-Calavi with my wife.

After my baccalaureate, I continued my studies at the University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC) and three years later I got my degree in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control (CACG). After graduation, I started looking for work, which was difficult, so I chose to become an entrepreneur. My wife is a trader of food condiments which sometimes does not always work for her and sometimes she does not have anything to do.

At the moment I am a delivery man for restaurants and companies in the area. I deliver food, parcels and mail with my bicycle. My working hours depend on customer orders, so I have 4 hours of work a day because there are a lot of people who deliver. These working hours are not enough for me in terms to make a good profit.

I often go to Abomey to look after my mother, whose physical condition is not stable. I go by car (taxi), which is a comfortable way. For taxis, there is now a limitation of passengers which resulted in an increased price of transport (from 3000f to 4000f or even 5000f).

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