Interview with Mr. Jacob from Nigeria

How long can hope last?

Overcrowded hospitals, a lack of infrastructure, measures without control: while in some places there is no capacity to care for patients adequately, in other countries the infrastructure is lacking - even more than a year after the pandemic. Mr. Jacob takes stock of the situation in Nigeria, which is not so positive for his country, even though he himself has learned from the pandemic.

We would like to warmly thank Ilebani, Titilayo Olamide from Youth Matter International who conducted the interview.

Youth Matter International is non-governmental organization building safety, foster support to youth in making a difference in their community. The organization also facilitates the SDGs in schools across Nigeria. Youth Matter International has been working hard to make sure that we have a globalize sustainable environment for all.

00:06 Introduction
00:33 Learning from the pandemic
02:05 Everyday life in Nigeria
02:31 Socio-political impact of the Corona crisis in Nigeria
04:16 Ways out of the crisis
04:36 Personal situations and worries
06:02 Opportunities for global sustainable development

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