Nancy from the USA introduces herself

1. Introduction

My name is Nancy and I live in San Francisco, California in the United States. I currently live alone in a studio apartment in a busy, but economically disadvantaged neighborhood, and this place has been my home for the past decade. My family and social network are mostly in San Francisco but the pandemic has still, nonetheless, reduced the frequency with which I can see them.

I work from home these days on the marketing team of a tech startup. We actually gave up our office and allowed everyone to work from home well before the pandemic so I've been remote for two years now. Given what I've seen of how disruptive COVID has been for companies looking to make the work from home transition along with families looking for childcare solutions while also working, I'm grateful that I've been in a better situation than many others out there.

Today is Friday, October 30, it's really nice and sunny outside, and I'm debating whether to put work aside to go vote or just wait until tomorrow.

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