Paola about everyday life in Colombia

4. How has people’s everyday life changed due to the crisis?

After a few weeks under the current lockdown regulations, I can say that my family and I have gradually gotten used to being locked in our own four walls, which is actually very eerie for me. In the beginning, my days were dominated by the things I couldn't do, especially not being able to do anything with our family and friends. My parents for example live in another city in northern Colombia, so I can't see them at all at the moment. In addition, my home is located in the outskirts of Chía, in the middle of the mountains. It's an idyllic place with fresh air that actually makes you want to sit down together in front of a fireplace. However, we live very remote and therefore we are in total social isolation - apart from our three dogs of course.

At least we are grateful that there are so many ways of digital communication these days. Apps such as Whatsapp or House Party give us the feeling that we can sometimes hide from loneliness and share moments with loved ones. We also have the opportunity to take part in public life in Colombia. This is taking place more than ever on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. So we try to exchange our opinions and recommendations with friends and fellow human beings - as long as the internet works well and the power does not fail.

Apart from the fact that my company Ferotex is currently almost at a standstill, one of the most drastic changes in my everyday life is that I can no longer even go out to shop. Much has to be delivered, but only if they find the branching path to our house. The simple freedom of going out, going for a spin in the car, strolling around or simply shopping for groceries in peace is something that I appreciate more day by day. But that also motivates me to look for new things to do in the quarantine. Since last week I've been spending a lot of time with my husband planting a small garden with vegetables and herbs. All in all, however, I am looking forward to returning to normality.

Translated from Spanish

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