Viktoria from Austria about the situation of refugees and migrants

5. How does corona affect the situation of refugees or migrants in your country/ region?

In Austria, migration is generally a very delicate issue - a large part of Austria's citizens seems to see "our" prosperity threatened by migrants. People often talk about integration instead of social inclusion, based on the motto: "they" must adapt to "us". Corona has strengthened this attitude and the famous burning glass effect also comes into play here.

Fortunately, there are also many organisations and NGOs that are trying to break up these rigid boundaries within society and promote transcultural dialogue. I am currently working as an intern for one of these development policy organizations. This NGO is called Südwind and, in cooperation with the free radio Helsinki, has invited migrants to publish their perspectives on the topic of flight and migration in a podcast.

These people not only crossed national borders, but also went to the limits of their existence. Now they share their stories with us. On the one hand, they share very personal experiences as well as their dreams, fears and hopes. On the other hand, as freelance journalists, they interview helpers in refugee camps and speak openly about what happens between leaving and arriving.

None of us who were lucky enough to have been born in peaceful and wealthy Europe can really understand these experiences. This is precisely why it is important to listen to these stories: to learn to appreciate our conditions and to begin to look at the issues of flight and migration in multidimensional ways. Wouldn't you also try everything for a better future?

The podcast was recorded in German. To listen to it and learn more about the programme, please click on the interactive window in the upper part or use the following links:

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