Winnie and Stephan about their personal dismay

7. How are you personally affected by corona?

Winnie: My work has been terribly affected because I cannot go to rehearsals coz to keep social distance as a theatre maker is not easy. My Junior-kids are now at home idling around. We cannot make money coz there are no events happening anywhere around the country, this means I have to use my small savings to survive. Fortunately some schools and private friends from Germany donate money so that I can buy basic needs for the poorest in the slums and bring it to them.

Stephan: Fortunately my health is good and I can manage my life if the shut-down doesn’t take too long. So I have started a small project to get donation from people to support the poorest in the slums of Nairobi. Winnie buys food and toiletries and brings it to the people.

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