Winnie und Stephan from Kenya about information channels

2. How did you first hear about corona and how do you follow what's going on?

Winnie: I was on tour in Germany with Hope Theatre Nairobi and I got my first information through the Internet about Corona in China. Then in a span of some weeks it arrived in Italy then Austria and in Germany as we followed the news. It was spreading out very fast and one person had it then 20, then 100. When we started our tour in February no one thought of having a pandemic worldwide. In March I had to go back to Nairobi coz of my children. I hoped that it won’t reach Kenya, coz if it strikes in our country we will be no more. I hope God is on our side.

Stephan: I was with Hope Theatre Nairobi on tour through Germany. We were on the way to play in Ludwigshafen on the 13th of March when we heard about the complete shut-down through the radio. So we played an extra long show coz it was clear that this will be the last performance in Germany for 2020.

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