SNAPSHOTS ON CORONA questions and guidelines

Current questions:

  1. Introduction (name, place of residence / family / social environment, what do you do? / how do you feel today? / Date / place)
  2. What do you think people have NOT learned from this pandemic?
  3. What does the everyday life look like in your home country at the moment?
  4. What are the social / political effects of the corona crisis in your country/ region (now and in the future)?
  5. How does corona affect the situation of refugees or migrants in your country/ region?
  6. Which steps is your home country taking to get out of the current situation?
  7. How are you (and your family) doing in the current situation? What are you worried about?
  8. What opportunities do you see from this global crisis in terms of global sustainable development?

Former questions:

  • How are people being informed about Corona in the country/ region you are living in or how is Corona discussed?
  • How has the situation in the country/ region you are living in changed regarding the infection process and numbers since the beginning of the pandemic and how are you perceiving the current situation?
  • What are the "bestsellers" in your country? Which of these items are important to you, what is missing?
  • What exactly does “staying at home” mean for you?
  • What are you doing alternatively (in order to earn money, against boredom, etc.
  • What does astonish you/ positively surprises you/ what did you not expect / were there bizarre experiences? (Situations / conversations / events while shopping, refuelling, visiting a doctor, in the family ...)
  • Do you have a picture / photo / snapshot (real or in your head) that accurately depicts the situation in your environment?

We have some hints and requests to you, so that we can publish your contributions on the blog:

  • For each question (see above) a single post will be created. Therefore, the questions should be answered individually.
  • Please do not answer all questions at once. It would be better if you send us one or two answers per week to keep the blog as up-to-date as possible. Please start with question number 1 plus a question of your choice.
  • It is possible to send video or text files via WhatsApp or WeTransfer ( à It is free and easy to use and allows <2GB upload). If you decide to send us videos, please use your smartphones for shooting. The sound quality is usually good if you speak directly into it and the videos look very authentic. Don’t care about cutting or the video format. Karl-Friedrich König, a filmmaker will do this job for you.
  • It is important to mention the question in the video/audio out loud before you answer it with your contribution. Please state your first name, date and place each time.
  • Please let me know by when we can expect the contributions to plan the upload.
  • For video and audio contributions, please send me a short written explanation that we can attach.
  • We would like to point out that your contributions will be available on the as well as the videos on and our YouTube channel for technical reasons.

In addition to the answers, it would be interesting if you would provide us with pictures of "corona phenomena" in your region/country. These can be impressions from everyday life, such as empty streets, supermarket shelves, etc. You can send them to us either as a photo or as a video of at least 10 seconds. They will then be included in the total contribution.


We would like to thank you very much for being there and participating!


If you have questions, feel free to ask and contact us via mail (F.Weiland |at| or

WhatsApp (+49 170 7037362).