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The Covid-19 pandemic, which we mostly refer to as the corona-crisis, has a large impact - on the lives of every individual, on living together as a family and society and, not least, on the lives of everyone in our one world. The pandemic shows how interwoven and at the same time vulnerable our global network is in economic, political, ecological and social terms. One thing is certain: this crisis is not the result of global injustice. However, the crisis also threatens many of those people who are most affected by inequality and disadvantage - in Germany and Europe, but even more so in countries of the so-called Global South.

As different as the situation is for each one of us, the perspectives on the virus and its effects are also different. That is why we want to give the so-called crisis a face with our instead of making it disappear behind numbers and statistics. Therefore, we would like to draw attention to the situation of our partners and friends worldwide - in the Global South as well as in the North. And that is why we would like to offer a platform for one thing our One World urgently needs in times of fragmented national responses, isolation and a lack of willingness to help: a change of perspective.

New audio, video or text contributions from our global partners will be published weekly on our These contributions are deliberately personal, taken from real life and report on the current situation in the respective country and respective region. This is our contribution to a global sustainable development in times when the work for a global-sustainable one world is currently taking a back seat.

The concept
The blog is an open blog and intended to present personal "corona contributions" from all continents of the One World. If you are interested to take part send an E-Mail to Franziska Weiland (F.Weiland |at|
In order to make the situation clear and comparable between the countries, we have drawn up questions, which are answered by our partners with text, audio or video following the leading principle "one question - one contribution". We have listed the questions in each subtitle to ensure the assignment of each question.

About Eine Welt Netzwerk Thüringen
Eine Welt Netzwerk Thüringen (EWNT) is Thuringia’s development policy umbrella organisation and the central actor for development policy topics and issues in this German region. It was founded in 2005 as the successor to the Thuringian Development Policy Round Table and has currently over 40 members who are involved in One World Work in Thuringia as associations, initiatives or individuals.

The is a cooperation of various projects of development education and information work based in the EWNT.
More information about our work and the network can be found at (only in German)